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Posts Tagged ‘synergy’

postheadericon Our Mind Is A Powerful Tool: Try Brainstorming Presentation Software

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"Me, Myself & Irene": Poster design by Cimarron Group 2000

I know, your first thoughts are probably, “What does a comedy with Jim Carrey have to do with brainstorming?”  Especially when in this film his character has dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities).  I guess I was just having one of those moments when I sat down at my laptop and wanted to post about how our mind is a powerful tool and I didn’t want it to be another one of “those” boring mind posts.  It just struck me as funny in the movie that Jim Carrey’s character, Charlie, was never alone when dealing with life’s dilemmas.  He always had “Hank,” his alter-ego (whether he wanted his input or not).  Life is very complex, never simple and straightforward.  There are potholes, moments when we’re “under construction,” and there are times when even though it’s best for us, we do not want to “yield!”  Fortunately for most of us, we do not have Charlie’s  problems to add to the chaos.

postheadericon Leave Corporate America; For Good!

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postheadericon 8 Key Points I Took Away from Avatar, the Movie.


You’ve seen the word “avatar” online everywhere.  The typical definition is that an avatar is your graphic or visual appearance, a way to represent yourself as any type of creature or object you choose that seems right. In the Hindu religion, an avatar is an incarnation of a deity, an embodiment or manifestation of an idea or greater reality.  It is also the name of a very visually stimulating and creative movie.

postheadericon Be Seen & Heard; Be a Radio Star!

Get your message heard!

Like most full-time entrepreneurs, I am always on the lookout for new and trending methods of building my brand and syndicating my content. While contemplating marketing ideas, I was reminded of a technique I used a few years ago that is still not utilized enough today. If you have an outgoing personality, or if you are willing to develop one ;), then this online marketing idea is for you!

postheadericon Make Your Content “Go Viral”!


Highlight and Track While Online & Share!

I don’t know about you but a lot of my favorite books have bright yellow highlighter marks to make the content I appreciate the most stand out and be easy to find. Have you ever read a blog post that was fascinating, moving, or serving up rich content but you only wanted to share the main points with your friends instead of the entire post? Guess what, now you can!

I discovered this neat little  WordPress plugin.  You’ve got to try this!  It sits neatly in the corner of the page ready to highlight whenever you are.

postheadericon Learn the Powerful Secrets of a Blogging Alliance

Leverage Your Marketing Results Utilizing Tribe Membership

There are tons of blogs on the Internet. You can find blogs on everything from cooking, big corporate America, to family blogs… and everything in between! If you’re an entrepreneur trying to take your business from the real world to the online or virtual world, your interest in blogging will be a crucial part of your business!