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Archive for the ‘Self-Development’ Category

postheadericon Self Motivation Techniques Empower You to Reach Your Personal Summit

Use self motivation techniques to keep you on track to reach your personal summit!

With the right system, you can reach your summit!

We all have times in our lives where we might find it difficult to be motivated to follow our dreams and reach our goals.  Sometimes life gets in the way, you feel overwhelmed , have too much going on, or you feel like you just don’t have the energy to work on your life’s plan.  If you were to research and study those people that are able to consistently and regularly meet their goals and perhaps even go beyond them, you will find that they all use a self-motivation technique system.  So when you feel less than enthusiastic about your life and think you may have stepped  off the path, there are some things you can do to get back on track and reach your personal summit.

postheadericon Is Your Blog Boring?

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"Wake up! Get re-energized!"

So you have this really great idea to start a blog on a particular niche. (Niche: a focused, targetable portion of a market).  And, perhaps you even want to make some revenue from AdSense, Clicksor, or other contextual advertising. Hey, that’s great. You’ve put your heart and soul into posting your first few blog posts. No problem. Then, you kind of hit a dry patch… have no clue what else to do! What do you do to keep your blog readers coming back? What does a blogger do to keep their content fresh, and relevant?  You’re more than likely happy or satisfied with what you’ve accomplished so far, but now, each time you start a new post, you just aren’t “feeling it?” If you post your so-so blog post, are you afraid your blog will become boring? Maybe you can’t even pinpoint what exactly is wrong, you just “know” it. Maybe you’re distracted or don’t have the time to put together meaty content.  Then it’s time to look for some quick solutions! Hopefully I can get you moving in the right direction again!

postheadericon Making Money Online; Real Tips for Serious People.

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No Limits!

Financial independence is absolutely possible by setting up a home-based business using MLM or network marketing and direct sales. So far in previous posts I have reviewed for you:

1)      WHY leaving a W-2 or corporate position and striking out on your own is a good idea for serious people that have the passion, drive, determination and want no income ceiling and to control their own life and destiny.

postheadericon Making Money Online; The Reality.

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Finding the Right Opportunity for You is Exciting!

"Yes, this works for ME!"

My last blog post was about setting up an online business, expressing your passion, and making the decision to make money online. Just about every type of industry you can think of that might interest you is represented by some type of sales opportunity.

Here’s the problem as I see it. You need money. You have been downsized, laid off, fired, or unemployed. Maybe you just need extra money each month to pay the bills and keep a roof over your head… and oh, yeah, eat. Then someone approaches you with the idea that you ought to try an online business. It might be top tier direct sales, regular direct sales, MLM or network marketing, affiliate marketing, article writing, or something along these lines. Maybe they even suggest doing a bit of everything simultaneously.

postheadericon Making Money Online; First, Find the Passion in Your Life!

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Power Up

postheadericon Nature Has Many Lessons To Teach; Consider The Spider

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For Personal Development, I Often Turn to Nature. “To shed your skin, every old skin, one by one and then walk away, unencumbered, into the morning.” — Tony Kushner

Argiope Spider

Personal development and spiders may seem like a strange contrast.  Some people find spiders creepy.  I think they are extremely fascinating.  They rid my garden of potentially dangerous insects, create magnificent works of art, and look absolutely beautiful in the sunlight.

Most spiders tend to live one or two years.  They live in a variety of habitats.  Definitely predators, finding and capturing prey.

postheadericon Valuable Content is The #1 Key to Online Success: Part 2

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Valuable Content Brings Success

In the first part of this topic, Valuable Content is The #1 Key to Online Success, I presented you with information about creating value for your blog readers and monetizing your blog.  This lead to further details about affiliate marketing.  I gave some pretty well-defined guidelines on how to choose your programs or networks wisely.  If you haven’t read that post but are interested in this topic, I suggest you take a look at it to get up to speed — then come back here. In this post, I wanted to cover the appropriate way to market your chosen programs online.  Proper netiquette, if you will.

postheadericon Leave Corporate America; For Good!

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postheadericon 8 Key Points I Took Away from Avatar, the Movie.


You’ve seen the word “avatar” online everywhere.  The typical definition is that an avatar is your graphic or visual appearance, a way to represent yourself as any type of creature or object you choose that seems right. In the Hindu religion, an avatar is an incarnation of a deity, an embodiment or manifestation of an idea or greater reality.  It is also the name of a very visually stimulating and creative movie.

postheadericon Learn the Powerful Secrets of a Blogging Alliance

Leverage Your Marketing Results Utilizing Tribe Membership

There are tons of blogs on the Internet. You can find blogs on everything from cooking, big corporate America, to family blogs… and everything in between! If you’re an entrepreneur trying to take your business from the real world to the online or virtual world, your interest in blogging will be a crucial part of your business!