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Archive for the ‘Partnering’ Category

postheadericon Making Money Online; The Reality.

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Finding the Right Opportunity for You is Exciting!

"Yes, this works for ME!"

My last blog post was about setting up an online business, expressing your passion, and making the decision to make money online. Just about every type of industry you can think of that might interest you is represented by some type of sales opportunity.

Here’s the problem as I see it. You need money. You have been downsized, laid off, fired, or unemployed. Maybe you just need extra money each month to pay the bills and keep a roof over your head… and oh, yeah, eat. Then someone approaches you with the idea that you ought to try an online business. It might be top tier direct sales, regular direct sales, MLM or network marketing, affiliate marketing, article writing, or something along these lines. Maybe they even suggest doing a bit of everything simultaneously.

postheadericon Valuable Content is The #1 Key to Online Success: Part 1

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Network Marketer

I have been asked how to monetize (make money!) with your blog several times in the past few days so I thought it was a great idea for a blog post.  Today, many bloggers realize that while they may enjoy their blog writing, they still have to keep the lights on.  There are many articles out there that discuss increasing your blog traffic but unless you can convert the traffic to sales, it just means people enjoy your writing; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you love to write just for the sheer joy of it!  Here are some ways to make your blog pay you.

postheadericon Is Your Recycling Being Burned? Say It Isn’t So!

Please recycle.

Each day, most citizens of Lee County Florida take the extra necessary steps to separate their recyclables. Paper, plastics, aluminum, steel, and glass. We also have a large amount of lawn and garden waste because we mow and water all year long. It can take up a bit of your time to make sure you clean, separate, and dispose of all of the recyclables according to our recycling rules.

Imagine our horror on April 6, 2010 when we learned all of our efforts to recycle were almost for nothing!

postheadericon Be Seen & Heard; Be a Radio Star!

Get your message heard!

Like most full-time entrepreneurs, I am always on the lookout for new and trending methods of building my brand and syndicating my content. While contemplating marketing ideas, I was reminded of a technique I used a few years ago that is still not utilized enough today. If you have an outgoing personality, or if you are willing to develop one ;), then this online marketing idea is for you!

postheadericon Leverage the Power of Tribes for Your Marketing Strategy

I am the kind of person that I usually have to figure things out for myself. Depending on the project, that can take quite some time. I always do a great deal of research and tests to come to my own conclusions. You can’t make an informed decision, if you aren’t informed! So, you have to research, ask questions, think about things, and then I pray for guidance!

I started noticing a powerful marketing trend. It was about “Tribes.” Here’s a free e-book by Seth Godin. This e-book will give you a very clear idea about why today’s marketing style is revolving around Tribes. For those that prefer a visual aid:

postheadericon Learn the Powerful Secrets of a Blogging Alliance

Leverage Your Marketing Results Utilizing Tribe Membership

There are tons of blogs on the Internet. You can find blogs on everything from cooking, big corporate America, to family blogs… and everything in between! If you’re an entrepreneur trying to take your business from the real world to the online or virtual world, your interest in blogging will be a crucial part of your business!