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Archive for the ‘Recycling’ Category

postheadericon Water. It’s not about lack; it’s about availability.

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Cool, clear, fresh, available water.

It’s not about a lack of fresh clean water, it’s all about access.

Water; we often taken it for granted if it is plentiful and easily obtainable. The global picture for water management is not encouraging and probably worse in Africa than elsewhere. Can you imagine three-hundred million people not having access to safe water? Did you know that October 11, 2006, that was the entire population of the United States? I cannot imagine our entire country not having access to safe clean water!  The inability to obtain clean safe water and the resulting poor sanitation situation keep the African people poor.

postheadericon Is Your Recycling Being Burned? Say It Isn’t So!

Please recycle.

Each day, most citizens of Lee County Florida take the extra necessary steps to separate their recyclables. Paper, plastics, aluminum, steel, and glass. We also have a large amount of lawn and garden waste because we mow and water all year long. It can take up a bit of your time to make sure you clean, separate, and dispose of all of the recyclables according to our recycling rules.

Imagine our horror on April 6, 2010 when we learned all of our efforts to recycle were almost for nothing!