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So glad to have you stop by for a visit! My main background has been in teaching, training, and consulting small businesses around the globe. It is amazing how many people start a business then have no idea how to set up to be in compliance, market it, and run it in the black.  I assisted with every step of their journey from inception, physical start up, legal contracts and documents, incorporated my clients into my own network of advisers, retail, manufacturing, project financing, mortgages, and oh so much more.

Nowadays, I concentrate on my online business, coaching and mentoring, and marketing. How am I able to focus?  I am extremely organized, passionate and dedicated.  I have a strong desire to help others succeed! I seem to have better results when I am focused on someone else’s needs. I think that’s just another unwritten law. Service to others minimizes your own challenges.  Don’t you agree?  So, to put it simply, I show you how to take your passion and make money with it online.

“Where There is a Garden, My Heart is at Home.”

I was born and raised in southwest Michigan.  I am an only child.  My parents always had faith in me, were proud of me, and showed me a great deal of love.  The first years of my life, we always lived on or very near a lake.  Michigan is The Great Lakes State and I enjoyed the water immensely!  I still do.  This also brought a love of boating, swimming, fishing, volleyball, and building sand castles.  I spent a great deal of time exploring the world around me.  My parents were there to lovingly teach me to enjoy life.

Later, we moved to a very rural agricultural community.  It became harder to maintain friendships because we were so remote.  Both of my parents worked very hard and did the best they could to raise me.  I was a very good student and loved extra-curricular activities.  Living in the country, I learned to enjoy the wildlife we saw around the farm, learned to garden, and can and freeze food.  It was a simple but very rewarding lifestyle!

I always knew that I would have a very interesting career.  I was never satisfied being like everyone else.  My first job was for our small town newspaper.  At the time, they said I was the best typesetter they had ever had.  I loved the creativity, ability to write ads, content, and laying out various pages in the newspaper.

Beautiful child picking wildflowers.


Next, I married a fantastic guy from a nearby town.  His cousin introduced us.  I must say, I’ve had a very positive experience with blind dates!  We quickly grew very fond of each other and four years later we married.  We went on to have three beautiful children.  Life was good, we bought a lovely little 10-acre farm.  Did I mention that even at a young age I was very good at spotting real estate deals and negotiating my own sales?  I passed on my love of wildlife, organic gardening, and the country life to my children.  Small town living is a charming way to live.

Unfortunately, my “happily-ever-after” journey was shattered.  My husband was killed at age 31 in a car accident on the way to work.  I had always imagined us growing old together.  We had so many plans, so many dreams that would never take place.  The hardest part was how to tell the children aged 9, 8, and 6 that daddy went to work but would not be coming home.

The next few years were spent up and down, confused, happy, sad, and just uncertain about what the future would hold.  The children kept me grounded.  There were times when they had to remind me that it was time to eat or go to school.  I really had to get my act together.  At the time, I thought I was doing well under the circumstances.  Now, so many years later, I see that was not the case at all.

I was blessed once again with another positive blind date.  He became the second chapter of my life.  We married and had our 17th anniversary July 2010.  He stepped in, became a friend to my children, my best friend, and greatest supporter!

After all the years of focusing on the children (and rightly so), I knew it was time for me to decide what to do for a career.  I bought my first computer March 1996.  At first, I used it to do church work and learned all about the tools, features, and the power of… the Internet!

I got a job as a substitute school bus driver as the economy had become unstable.  After driving substitute school bus for almost a year, I was going crazy!  You think it’s distracting have children in the back seat of the family car, try having 65 of them and they all think they don’t have to listen to you because you’re “the sub” driver.  Believe me, that got tiring really quickly!  We had 102 square miles to serve and you had to learn each middle-school/high-school route, plus each elementary route, and the preschool routes.  Sometimes, you had sporting events as well.  You would work full time but have no benefits.  It was still considered “part-time” work.

When I guess I’d had enough, I saw an infomercial on TV about learning new techniques for selling in the real estate industry only it was actually selling discounted mortgages (paper) instead of the actual real estate.  This was the beginning of my adult career.  I flew out to Anaheim California for training and my life was never the same.  I told my husband, “When I get back from training, watch what I do with what I’ve learned.  I’m not the same person I was when I left.”  He was a bit anxious about that last statement, but I proved myself to him.  I have never looked back.


Today, after owning several successful small businesses, as a small business owner with the challenges of day-to-day operations, I have had an education that has given me a unique perspective.  Real world experience for over 30 years!  I have been on a mission with a lot of passion, moving fast, and have been blessed with opportunity, viable connections, and the ability to meet people that make a real difference in the world.  These are people that I never would have met any other way than being a self-made successful entrepreneur!

While being very successful, I have also had a lot of ups and downs.  From these experiences, I have learned what is most important — I know what I am really good at, what I need to work on, and maybe even more importantly — I honestly “know what I don’t know.”  Find a mentor, someone who is successful, has been where you are now, has reached goals that you want to reach, and emulate them.  But, if anyone tells you they know everything, run… run really fast! I have “learned while doing.”  I have a proven track record of success.  Education is critically important.


Okay, for those of you that desire details:

1)  I have become an expert at both creating and dissecting business models to make sure they are running at their optimum profitability and productivity.

2)  I have created my own business models and systems several times and duplicated them for other small business owners through training and licensing opportunities.

3)  Synergy is one of my favorite words; I love being part of powerful networks and bouncing ideas back and forth.

4)  My background is mainly real estate, private mortgages, financing (owner, traditional, and creative), and consulting/teaching.

5)  In 1998, I was on the TV Infomercial, “America’s Best of the Best” (for creative real estate techniques) and interviewed by Robin Leach.  I can’t post my pictures because I don’t have a release signed by him.

6)  I have been a conservative real estate investor for 30 years.

7)  I created a unique lending strategy and consulted and trained hundreds of mortgage brokers nationwide.  We then assisted real estate investors with titling and structuring their portfolios correctly.

8)  I have been on the board of directors and created and operated many small businesses over my 30 years.

9)  I was president and ran all day-to-day operations and personal one-on-one consulting for LLC Loan Network, Inc. for 4 1/2 years.  Not an easy task dealing with 1,000 plus calls per month!

10)  I have been an independent consultant for several well-known (and lesser-known) Gurus and learned all about the behind-the-scenes “Good, Bad & Ugly” side of their seminars and workshops.  Invaluable lessons learned!

11)  I have written several articles and tons of website content but have yet to complete one of my books.  I am too busy helping others make all kinds of money!  (Hmmm, is that smart?)  So, you are probably coming here by a Google search or referral and have no idea what I can do to help you!  Let’s find out what we can do by putting our ideas together and creating a unique strategy for your situation.

12)  Throughout my career, the recurring focus has been financing and credit.  I have worked on personal and business credit to enhance my Clients projects: venture capital projects, hard-money, creative (but legal) financing strategies, residential and commercial mortgages, and international project financing.

13)  I am always honest with people.  If I don’t know something, can’t assist you, I will get the answer or refer you to someone who can!  Fair enough?

It’s easy to see how the economy and other unforeseen circumstances can take away any stability you may have thought you had.  You can’t count on other people, the government, or anyone but yourself!  I had to learn under some pretty trying situations to create stability and security, direct the course of my own life, and create my own destiny.  I can teach and help you transition your own life, find your own purpose, use the passion you have to create the same fulfilling life I have!

So, when asked what my current focus is, what is it that I have to offer you? Social media training and consulting, helping you find your own passion in your life, personal development, and creating an overall balance in life! Mind – body – and spirit.  I have two quotes by Thomas Merton that I feel are appropriate here ~

By reading the scriptures I am so renewed that all nature seems renewed around me and with me. The sky seems to be a pure, a cooler blue, the trees a deeper green. The whole world is charged with the glory of God and I feel fire and music under my feet.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.

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