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postheadericon Does The Timing Of Your Social Sharing Really Matter? Part 1

Image of a fish eagle catching a fish.

Timing is everything!

We, as full-time online marketers, typically work Monday through Friday each week. The Internet and social media sites hum along 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It makes sense then that we have to match our potential market’s schedule so we reach and engage the most people. So, it stands to reason that sharing your information using social media during Monday through Friday business hours will not reach the majority of your target audience! Or, is this not true?

If this is true, then how do you make sure that you do reach the greatest numbers of your target audience? Just like the fish eagle has learned and will teach its young the optimal time and best technique to “catch the big one,” you can either learn by conducting your own research (very time consuming and you may not have a large enough audience to make it worth the time spent) or you can see what the experts do! There is massive amounts of data and research available on the Internet. You don’t have to be an expert to get great results. I have found some solid information for you so you can set up your marketing schedule accordingly. Your industry niche may require that you tweak the following information accordingly. Just like most things in life, one size (or one technique) does not fit all (situations).

Here are the results of expert research by Kissmetrics:

Infographic of social timing research by Kissmetrics - Twitter


From the research we see that the Eastern and Central Time Zones comprise about 80% of the US population. So take notice of this when you are preparing your tweet schedule. The highest retweets (Twitterers passing on your tweets to their followers) are about 6% and they happen at about 5 PM Eastern time. The highest CTR (click through rates; meaning people are clicking on your links in your tweet) is when you tweet between 1 and 4 times per hour. This is true especially on Wednesday and throughout the weekend. The best time of day? Noon and 6 PM Eastern Time. So if your object is to have people retweet or click, now you know when to do it!

So set up your Twitter schedule accordingly! What is the point of tweeting when it doesn’t have maximum effect? Maybe if you’re bored and have nothing else to do, you just tweet all day long. Most of us automate our tasks so we can maximize our freetime. Time spent doing what you want is priceless. Who wants to be a slave to their marketing campaign?

Last point: This gives you a concrete place to start your own Twitter research. Track your own results and tweak (or tweet) accordingly!

Part 2: Timing And Email Marketing

To your prosperity and online success,

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