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postheadericon Newbie Tips To Start Your Own Empire

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I took a break from the “Making Money Online” Series. But, I was reminded last week by readers that it’s time to get back to it! The purpose of this post is to give new would-be online marketers an overview of some of the most important things they should consider prior to coming online; and to introduce the best straightforward newbie guide available today.  So, before we move forward, let’s do a brief review of what’s been covered so far.

1.  Find your Passion. You want to be excited each day to build and expand your business right? Otherwise it’s just an online j-o-b replacing your other j-o-b.  If your prime motivation is m-o-n-e-y, your potential customer base will know that instantly.  Find something that ignites you and get your customers revved up, too.  Once you have defined your niche (a niche market as a narrowly defined group of potential customers), move on to the next topic.

2.  Next, get your head out of the clouds and get real.  Examine your current situation and where you want to take this; what are your goals. People promote just about anything online today and make money.  All the hype out there really doesn’t matter does it? They aren’t you.  What works for others will not necessarily work for you. Or, even if it does work to some extent, do you really want to be doing that money-making thing each and every day of the year? Does it really reflect you?  This isn’t about me or them, it’s about YOU.

3.  How are you going to get paid? In this post I go over network marketing compensation plans because they can be so complex. Whether you are in direct sales, affiliate sales, or other types of compensation plans, it is very important that you know your duties and responsibilities, what tools are available with the potential business, exactly what it takes to get paid, then how you will get paid (paper check, electronic funds transfer, once per month with a minimum sales limit, etc.).  Support is very important as well until you get up and running making money.

4.  Then I gave you some tips that most new online marketers never consider.  If you want to make money with your blog, please review these tips so we can get to next crucial step.

Many have asked me how to start making money right away. My heart goes out to those that are very confused as to what is actually possible online.  There is a great deal of information on the Internet but most of it is just hearsay, hype, and sales copy.  That won’t get you very far! I have known people that are surviving on just social security or unemployment.  They need to supplement their income to survive.  Sometimes their desperation causes them to make wrong choices and they fall into marketing traps where their last dime can be squandered on trashy ebooks and network marketing schemes.  So, what do I recommend that you do so that you get on the right track and skip the worthless garbage that’s out there?  Get the real facts from a source that gets right to the point, shows you step-by-step how to set up your online business and how to determine what will actually start making you money.  I created an informational and instructional guide for those that are newbies looking to get straight to the strategies and techniques that bring quick solid results.

One of my great passions is research. Just about anything you want or need to know is available online.  However, that can be exactly what makes it so overwhelming!  To start and operate an online business, you have to be able to discern what is true and the path to your goals and what is just lining someone else’s pockets.  When I first decided to take my offline business online, I was excited and thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  Then, as often happens, time and research showed me that my ideas about what to do online to replace my offline income were not going to get me the financial security and long-term income I had hoped for.  Fortunately, I was able to learn exactly how to determine the things that will not only be of interest to me but will make me a great income as well.  If all I was going to do online is share things I enjoy (but that might not necessarily be something people online would pay me for), then I would be sharing a “hobby” not running a business.

With my free newbie guide, “Deborah’s One Month to Your Own Online Business,” here’s what you will learn:

  • How to choose what niche interests you and one that actually has a high demand.
  • How to setup a business without any prior experience and limited computer skills.  If you can do a Google search, point, click, copy, and paste… you can do this!
  • How to set up your new business for zero cost with powerful but free tools and techniques (and still enjoygreat support).
  • How to provide information to your online site visitors that matches exactly what they are looking for.
  • How to research powerful, low-competition keywords and keyword phrases like a pro!
  • How to tie in social media and other strategies to increase your site traffic for free!
  • With this one ebook, I show you a process that can assist any newbie to start your own empire!

And, so much more!  This isn’t a skinny worthless free eBook.  It’s over 50 pages of powerful and genuine strategies that a newbie just can’t find anywhere else.  Just email me if you would like a free copy.


To your prosperity and online success,

Deborah's First Name

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